The Advantages of Lightroom Presets in Wedding Photography


The most important tip we can offer you as a wedding photographer is to use Lightroom presets. It's the best way to make the post-production editing more efficient without losing quality or wasting too much time. Presets will help you streamline your workflow. As preset designers and experts, we can offer some tips to help you further. 

Given the importance of a wedding event, it's critical that you get it right - both during the event and later in the studio during post-production. 


Keep in mind the following points before you read our more details tips:

  1. Make sure you understand the vision the bride and groom have for their wedding photography. Meet with them and discuss their ideas and expectations. Some wedding photographers use a questionnaire.

  2. Make a list of must-have shots based on what they tell you.  Don't risk forgetting critical shots they're expecting. Things can get harried and busy when you're shooting a wedding. Don't rely on memory alone.
  3. If you don't know the venue, visit it ahead of time to decide angles and potential shots.
  4. Add your must-haves to the couple's list. This can include things like angles and shots. 
  5. Lastly, and very importantly, having Lightroom presets doesn't get you off the hook when it comes to taking great pictures. The better the quality of the images, the better the effect of the preset. 

Advantages of using presets

Presets can be an enormous time-saver for the professional photographers, and one of the best (and most popular) on the market are for Lightroom. Rather than needing to edit each image, presets make it possible to make edits across batches of photos in seconds, and there are numerous effects available. We offer several styles and collections of presets you can use and reuse. With one click, you've edited or adjusted your batches of images.


Besides being a huge time-saver, presets are a way to be more versatile in your style. You can change the look of your work without much effort and, as we've said, with very little time. This means you can be far more versatile in the final product you deliver to clients. You can create a consistent look or style you become known for building your brand as a photographer. If you prefer, you can change the look or style of your work whenever you want.  Some photographers prefer to be known for their diverse sense of style while others prefer to create a brand style and stick with that. Either way presets allow you to do either one. 

BeArt Wedding Presets

When you purchase and download one of our Wedding Preset Collections, you will receive everything you need to get started right away, including download instructions. We've done all of the advance work and design so that you can save time and get straight to work in post-production. We offer bundle for wedding photography, but our portrait collection can also be used for wedding photography as well. If you have any questions, please contact us. We're happy to answer them.