How To Create a Time-Lapse Video in Photoshop

Creating a time-lapse video using Photoshop and Lightroom is easier than you think and the results as much fun as you can imagine! There are several ways to go about creating a time-lapse and we will take a look at one way. 

Tips for Great Wedding Photography

Technology alone cannot anticipate a shot, create a perfect composition, or compensate for certain conditions. Only a photographer can do that. When it comes to special events such as wedding photography, there are no second chances or re-takes. Below we offer some tips on what you can do to ensure great wedding photography. 

How to Use Virtual Copies in Lightroom

Working with Virtual Copies can be a gift to most busy professional photographers. It not only allows you to make copies without taking up space on your hard drive, but it also lets you easily sync effects between batches and create presets easily as well!