Portrait lightroom presets and brushes (60% off)

Portrait lightroom presets and brushes (60% off)

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Download Lightroom presets for portraits.Incredible fine art portraits are only a few clicks away with the BeArt Portrait Perfection Collection. You can drive the creative process in just a few minutes using our suite of 60 Lightroom presets & 10 adjustment brushes. Transform your images or just make a few corrections. Our efficient and creative editing tools allow you to make your post-production changes quickly and easily. You can even develop your unique style of portrait photography using any of the presets or brushes in the collection. Get our professional photo editing tools for portrait photographers. 

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Portrait photography professional photo editing


  • 60 Portrait Lightroom presets compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 - 6, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC
  • 10 Portrait Lightroom brushes compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 - 6, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC
  • Advanced Portrait Retouching Tools for Pro Photographers
  • Download link will be sent to the email address
  • Fully compatible with JPEG and RAW Images
  • Detailed installation instructions included
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Fully adjustable settings
  • Lifetime free updates


Portrait Perfection Collection contains professional, clean, color-enhancing presets that are specialized in portrait photography. This comprehensive suite of Lightroom presets and brushes was designed for event and wedding photographers, newborn and children photographers, fashion photographers, and anyone, who engaged in the face or portrait photography in their day to day life.

Included Presets:

  • BASIC PERFECTION Lightroom presets {10 presets}. Use these presets to create a clean edit, enhance a quality of your photographs, add matte or light HDR effect to make your images pop, and much more.

  • COLOR PERFECTION Lightroom presets {10 presets}. Color and tones corrections to give your portraits a professional finish in seconds 
  • LIGHT PERFECTION Lightroom presets {10 presets}. Try different genres of lighting, easily make your photo brighter or darker, make it sharper or add matte effect.

  • SKIN PERFECTION Lightroom presets {10 presets} for portrait retouch. Correct skin tones, Make it smooth and soft, enhance eyes, bright skin, remove noise, highlight and sharp. It would work great for wedding, newborn, children and portrait photography. 

  • PORTRAIT Retouching Adjustment Brushes {10 brushes}. Brushes give you an ability to affect only a part of the image and allow you to work with local enhancements at specific areas. Clean up the imperfections on the face, make skin tones smooth and soft, enhance eyes, lips, hair, make the whole portrait POP.

  • BONUS: Black & White Lightroom Presets for Portrait photography {10 presets}. Portrait Perfection presets for Lightroom give you everything you need to professionally retouch your portraits in Lightroom. Perfect for all types of photo sessions, fashion, weddings, love story & engagements, events, newborn and children, and everywhere you photograph people.



Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, elegant and stunning fine art portraiture is well within your reach using this powerful collection our designers have created especially for portraits. You can achieve professional quality in minutes rather than hours in post-production editing. This collection of fifty Lightroom presets and ten brushes will forever change how you set up and edit pictures. 

We designed this collection with you, the portrait photographer, in mind. You can apply desired effects to enrich colors and make adjustments and corrections to any portraits.  You can use our well-designed tools with any genre of portrait photography, including event and wedding, newborn, children, fashion, or professional headshots. 

Rather than spending hours making necessary post-production edits, we have simplified the process. It will take you minutes not hours with our Lightroom presets and brushes. Rather than bland imagery, you’ll easily create color-enhanced portraits for richer, more professionally-finished portraits. All of our presets and brushes are easy to install using our step by step instructions. Once installed, you will then find them easy to use. 


BASIC PERFECTION: Fine art portrait photography needs to convey an aesthetic beauty. However, achieving that quality can take long hours in post-production editing.  BeArt’s Lightroom Basic Perfection (ten) presets change all that. These will allow you to perform clean, efficient edits and add matte or light HDR effects, among other corrections. You can enhance the overall quality and finish of your photographs for a professional look usually only possible at high-end portrait studios.  

COLOR PERFECTION: The Color Perfection ten presets don't just simplify the process saving you valuable time. The presets also allow you to adjust color and tone. Whether you are shooting a bride on her wedding day or a newborn baby,  color accuracy is critical, especially in fine art portrait photography. You can quickly increase saturation and adjust the balance. Washed out color photography is a thing of the past using our presets.

LIGHT PERFECTION: Exploiting light is often a challenge for even the most experienced photographers. Use these ten Lightroom presets to correct the light exposure and adjust for shadow as needed. We make it easy to correct imperfect lighting during post-production using these specially-designed presets. Make your photos brighter or darker,  lighten or darken contrasts, sharpen or add matte effect. As with all our presets, you can apply changes to one image or make your changes to several images simultaneously.

SKIN PERFECTION: Another daunting challenge for amateur and pros alike is capturing (or creating) luminous, perfect skin in your portraits. You can retouch your images to correct for skin blemishes or imbalances using these ten presets. You can fix skin tones, smooth and soften appearance, enhance eyes, bright skin, remove noise, and highlight and sharpen skin tones and quality. It’s ideal for working with wedding, newborn, children and other portrait photography. Your clients will be thrilled with the natural, flawless results! 

PORTRAIT RETOUCHING ADJUSTMENT BRUSHES: When you need to retouch specific parts of an image rather than broad changes, these brushes can tackle the job. Any of the ten brushes gives you the ability to adjust or correct a small part of an image. You will be able to work with local enhancements in specific areas of a picture. The brushes will also allow you to clean up any imperfections on the face, make skin tones smooth and soft, enhance eyes, lips, and hair to make the whole portrait pop! 

BLACK AND WHITE BONUS: For added interest and drama, we’ve created this set of ten Black & White Lightroom presets for your portrait photography. Black and white photography is particularly well-suited when depth and drama are needed. We help you achieve that effect and make it easy for you these ten comprehensive portrait presets for Lightroom. 

POST-PRODUCTION PERFECTION: You don't have to sacrifice quality or spend countless hours on post-production editing. You can easily achieve high-quality fine art portrait photography using our Portrait Perfection Collection. It is a portrait photographer’s dream suite of powerful and creative tools. Use the collection to showcase your work and talent with every fine art portrait you shoot.