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Empower photographers with easy to use and affordable tools to boost their creative abilities in post-production processing. 

Our Beginnings: 

I never thought that photography would so profoundly root itself into my life. I certainly never thought that my passion would turn into an exciting company. 

My grandfather was a University professor who often went on expeditions and liked to take pictures and shoot video. Photography became his beloved hobby even though not many people even had a camera in those days. 

Years later, my father too became very fond of photography. (We have shelves laden with photos of my childhood taken by him.) It seemed only natural then that my dad would give me a camera for one of my birthdays. And, thus began my passion for photography. However, it didn't stop with my passion for photography.

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A Passion Into a Business:

One day, the words "take a picture of me" changed my relationship with photography in ways I had never expected. Asking my husband to take a picture changed everything. My husband decided that he didn't want to take ordinary pictures. He wanted to take great, high-quality pictures. He wanted to learn a lot more about photography and how to take better more creative pictures. 

And, so began our unexpected journey. We turned our photography passion into a business.

We built our business around making photographers' post-processing easier and their photography better. Our products help photographers reduce post-processing time by providing them with the creative tools necessary to apply effects with a few simple clicks. 

Who Are We?

Today, we are a group of professional retouchers, photographers, and designers working together and using our knowledge and experience to help other photographers reach their next level in photo processing. 

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Photoshop or Lightroom?

I studied design and photo processing, while my husband was improving his photography skills. We found that Photoshop and Lightroom helped to achieve our ideas and accomplish our goals for better pictures. Better yet, studying these programs opened up previously unimaginable possibilities for us. However, we quickly realized we had a conflict.

I was fond of Photoshop. My husband liked Lightroom. What could we do? I was spending hours working with a single photo while processing it. It was complicated and time-consuming rather than saving me time. He, on the other hand, simplified everything and looked for tools which could make the post-processing faster and more efficient. 

Finally, we decided that we didn't have to choose between the programs. Everyone has a favorite program so why not make it possible use the programs you love while also making it simpler and faster to be more creative? That question gave birth to our company today.

We make it possible not to have to choose. Almost all of our presets are available for both Photoshop and Lightroom. You can achieve the same results regardless of the program you use! 

We Elevate Creativity and Efficiency:

We make it possible for everyone from professional to amateur photographers to create high-quality photos in post-production processing using either Photoshop or Lightroom. With the help of our professional settings (presets and actions), you can achieve incredible quality and artistic results. 

In a world where everyone has a camera, it can be a challenge to create unique photographs. Our company changes all that. Our teams have created endless possibilities with our presets and actions. We help you elevate your work to new creative possibilities. Once you step from behind the camera lens, we make your post-production work simpler, faster, more efficient than ever.

Photography - whether professional or hobby - should be enjoyable. Photographers too often get caught up in post-production processing making their work monotonous and time-consuming. This means they end up doing less of what they love, taking pictures. We change all that. 

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Our Unparalleled Preset Collections:

We knew that the more organized we could be, the more time we could save you. We were the first company to offer preset collections by topics as well as by effects rather than generic names like "Great Day" or “Delight" presets. We made it easier to search for presets.

We have divided all our collections according to topics: wedding, newborn, travel, and so forth; and by effects: HDR, pastel, etc. Our wedding collection quickly became a bestseller and has been keeping its position on the list of the best Lightroom presets for wedding photographers for the third year. Later, we expanded the range of wedding presets for wedding photographers and created separate collections to include special effects that simulate film processing, black-and-white, and vintage effects. 

Today, our method for offering presets has become a trend, and the industry follows our example. 

To create our presets and actions, we chose the best colors, exposure, contrast, brightness, and aspect ratios based on various photos shot by talented photographers. Our method makes it easier to ensure that our effects will benefit the maximum number of photographers. From the positive feedback we receive, we know that we are doing it right!

Premium Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions

Our Mission in the Age of Photography:

Everyone has a camera. We live in the age of photography. It doesn't matter whether it's an expensive device or a smartphone. (My grandfather would be pleased!)

We photograph everything even the smallest moments of our lives whether it’s a simple dinner, the first steps of our baby, a wedding, or a New Year’s party. We increasingly rely on pictures instead of our memory, so getting photography right matters tremendously. Photographic skills can be considered as important as knowledge of basic math skills! We both of skill sets. 
Our company understands that not everyone can process photos quickly and accurately. And not everyone has the time or money for expensive or lengthy photo processing courses. That's where we come in.

We work hard on our products so everyone can have an opportunity to process photos with a few simple clicks. Using the tools we have created can get you professional results. We want every photographer to be able to process photos efficiently, effectively, and creatively. 

We are committed to offering high-quality products which are why we diligently test each preset and effect we develop by applying it to various photos. We want your photos to look professional each and every time you use one of our presets.

Company Philosophy:

Offering affordably priced and high-quality products are important to us as a company, and we remain committed to that. We also believe in the importance of giving back to the community which is why very month we donate a part of our earnings to charitable organizations. We believe in contributing to our world and helping to make it a better place.

Photography is our passion. Our goal is to make photography simple & accessible to all photographers, from beginners to professionals. That's why the range of Professional Lightroom presets, Adobe Photoshop actions & Photoshop (Camera RAW) ACR presets we offer, includes a huge variety of options for wedding, film wedding, portraitfashionvintage, newborn babies, family and children, HDR, food, nightclub, landscape and travel photographers and bloggers.

Our creative tools of professional presets for Lightroom and actions for Photoshop are used by thousands of photographers around the world. Our presets and actions are designed to speed up your workflow, making editing enjoyable and fun. Spend more time shooting pictures and less time managing them. 

BeArt-Presets stands at your disposal with a wide selection of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions and marketing photography templates you can download and install in just a matter of minutes. Whether you’re a portrait, children, family, maternity, newborn or wedding photographer, our comprehensive collections of Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions would help you to reach your full potential. Our actions and plugins are compatible with Photoshop CS6 & CC (Creative Cloud) and our presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 - 6 and CC (Creative Cloud) on both Windows and Mac for JPG and RAW images.

Want to try out our products before you buy? Check out our Free Lightroom presets or Free Photoshop actions collection (which is includes actions for Adobe Photoshop & ACR presets for Camera RAW add-on).

If you need help, please contact BeArt Presets customer support