The Undeniable Benefits of Presets for Lightroom


Sometimes we are stuck in our ways. We either deny there could be a better way of doing things or we don’t consider that other (better) possibilities might exist. That’s especially true with photographers if we think our way of editing is working well enough. However, imagine being able to make edits significantly faster and more efficiently than you do now. You can do that by taking full advantage of Lightroom presets

why you should to use lightroom presets

How do we know this? Because we once thought our post-production editing was fine - until we realized that there might be a better way. That's when we tried presets. We were so impressed with presets and their potential to improve our workflow that we created a business around designing and selling presets! That’s how convinced we were of the transformative effect of presets. Spending less time on editing means spending more time shooting pictures. 

If you aren’t working with presets or aren’t making them a significant part of your post-production editing, you could be wasting time and effort. Here is why you should maximize your use of Lightroom presets.


Simply put, presets simplify a photographer’s workflow while improving the results of their work and being easy to use.  Rather than clicking endlessly through various modules and toolbox to make adjustments, all you need to do is make a few clicks to preview and apply a preset.  

There is no cumbersome and time-consuming method to achieve your results, no struggling with tools and effects.  Open the develop module and presets are right there on your screen. You can even generate a preview of a preset’s effects on an image by hovering your cursor over a preset. It’s as easy as that. You can save your changes wherever you like in whatever format you want.


Presets for Lightroom significantly speed up the editing process and your workflow. There’s no wasting time searching around in your toolbox to make even simple edits or enhancements. Presets can instantly transform an image or make small changes. If you want to apply the same effect to a batch of images for a consistent look, presets make it fast and easy to work in batches.  If you need to make minor adjustments to individual images within a batch, you can do even that while still saving time!

Complex Effects: 

If you want to create a particular professional look for an image, but have no idea how to do it, presets can do it. With a few clicks, you can transform the look of an image in a way that might have taken you hours to achieve. There are thousands of presets available across a broad spectrum of photography genres. BeArt offers numerous expertly-designed collections to help you easily transform your images.


Depending on your photography specialty, you might want to brand your look by repeating specific effects. For example, some photographers specialize in vintage-looking photography while others work only in black and white. Presets offer a variety of looks making it easier for you to find the one that works for you and your branding. Then, you can use that preset easily throughout your work while still being able to make individual adjustments if necessary.

If you aren’t working with Lightroom presets, we suggest you try them. We think you’ll find that they become instantly indispensable to your work.  The satisfaction of achieving genuinely phenomenal results will thrill you whether you make your living as a photographer or are a hobby shooter.