Wedding Photography for Today's Bride


Wedding photography has changed. It is no longer your grandmother's formal wedding portraits. Those awkward poses at a church altar with a large wedding party? Gone. A bride and groom shots staring nervously or blankly into a camera? Gone, as well. 

wedding photography for today's bride

So, what is wedding photography today and, equally important, how do you achieve it? 

Modern Photography:
As wedding styles have changed over the last decade, so has wedding photography.  Today, wedding photography is: 

  • artistic
  • documentary-style 
  • ethereal 
  • romantic

The modern bride is more discerning about what she wants both in her wedding and in her portraits.  Wedding photography today could be best described as a form of storytelling - similar to how documentaries tell a story.  You can depict the story in broad strokes of artistry or a more journalistic/documentary-style representation of the couple and their wedding event. 

Whether the wedding is formal or more casual, small or large, today's bride wants beautiful portraiture more reminiscent of art than ordinary pictures. She wants unique and extraordinary images that depict the importance of the day and capture loved ones beautifully. She wants wedding portraits, not wedding pictures.

best wedding photography

How do you create these styles? 

Achieving today's looks for your wedding photography isn't as difficult as you might think. Thanks to digital photography and sophisticated software programs, a lot of modern photography takes place during the post-production editing.  Creative presets - like the collections we offer - add unique elements and style. You'd be hard pressed to find a photographer today who goes without some degree of post-production edits using programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

lightroom cc software

Using Presets for Weddings:

Photographers once spent a lot of time on photo shoots trying to perfect their shots to avoid spending hours in the darkroom. That's no longer necessary. Today's photographers have it easier and better than photographers years ago. 

Wedding Lightroom Presets allow you to improve your workflow without spending hours in post-production editing. Software like Lightroom and Adobe have revolutionized photography and improved workflow by allowing you to apply different looks to your images - whether it’s ethereal, artistic, black & white, or vintage. Better yet, you can simultaneously apply edits across batches of pictures rather than working on one at a time!


To achieve the elements so popular with wedding photography today, you can use presets specially designed for weddings or fine art portraiture.  Elevate your wedding photography style to remain competitive and offer brides what they want from their wedding portraits!