9 Fun & Handy Tips for Lightroom


We love to share tips on Lightroom, especially when they're ones you might not know! After all, as photographers, saving time is key to earning money, but saving time while sacrificing quality means losing clients.  These tips will work in Lightroom Classic CC as well, but they won't all work in the new cloud-based Lightroom CC. It will take some experimenting there.


If you have any great tips, feel free to share them. Meanwhile, here are nine fun tips for Lightroom: 

1. Achieving great color - Did you know that deep inside the Develop dialog in Lightroom you'll find a valuable color calibration tool? It was added recently by Adobe. Before you start working on a photo, go to Camera Calibration and change it from Adobe Standard to Camera Portrait or Landscape. Play around with it to find the right color.

calibration profile in lightroom app

2. Targeted adjustment tool - If you need to make specific adjustments, skip the HSL sliders and use the Targeted Adjustment tool instead. Rather than the need to adjust colors individually which is time-consuming, you can use this tool instead. This way you can target specific areas, including tone, to change colors but with minimal effect on other areas.

adjustment tool for picture

3. Edit local adjustments - Click on the brush tool and use the erase function to eliminate an area you don't want after adjusting an image. This tool allows you to be selective in your edits.

brushes for lightroom

4. Precision views - Hold the Alt key to see more precisely will more precisely show you what edits are being made - great for sharpening and exposure tools. This one needs some playing around with to get the desired effect. 

5. Increased slider size - If you need to make an edit more precise like when you need to make a minimal change to a spot in an image, hold shift while moving a slider.  The adjustment tools help you make more accurate edits to images in Lightroom.

6. Auto exposure - If you want to match the exposure from one image across a batch, it's simple to do with this tool using the Auto Exposure Match tool in your Settings. Adjust the exposure on one image, then use the tool to copy the same exposure to an entire batch! There's no need to go one by one with this tool!

sync your adjustments

7. Selective auto - Hold down shift and double-click the slider on an adjustment and Lightroom automatically gives it the setup it believes it should have. 

8. Faster image rating - Press caps lock on your keyboard so that when you press a number, it automatically advances to the next image with the rating. This eliminates the need to individually rate photos which could take hours when you're shooting hundreds of images. 

9. Library online sharing - It's now easier to share your images or albums online using the integrated share function and clicking on "make public."  Make sure you're synced with Lightroom mobile before you try this. Go to your collections in Library module. Create a new collection, name it, then click "make public" to create a new URL. That webpage will have all your photos, and you can send that link to clients. If you go to Lighroom.adobe.com, you'll see your shared collections. 

create a new collection in lightroom

If you have any great tips, feel free to share them! We are always looking for ways to improve workflow in Lightroom! 

*The tips above are based on a terrific video from photographer and YouTuber Jamie Wilson.