5 Tricks to Sharpen Blurry Photos


Are you feeling a bit frustrated because a photo that you shot looks blurry and its definition is poor? In some cases, you may be able to replicate and re-capture the shot, but in others, that may not be an option.

sharpen blurry photos

The good news is that there are ways to fix blurry photos, but before getting into that it is best if you know why your shots may be turning out blurry.

Why Some Photos Look Blurry


Blurry photos can be caused by many different mistakes. Broadly speaking, however, there are two main reasons why some photos look blurry:

  • Focus issues

For the subject of your photo to look sharp, it needs to be in-focus and if your camera is set to focus on the wrong point, the subject will look blurry.

Focus issues are especially common if you use auto-focus, and any last-minute movement could shift the focus. To get around this issue you should get into the habit of locking the focus and making sure the camera is still.

  • Movement

Any movement can make your photo (or parts of it) look blurred – including the movement of the subject or the camera itself.

Avoiding blur due to movement is more complicated, but as a start, you should keep the camera still. On top of that making the shutter speed faster if you’re capturing a subject that is moving rapidly can help.

Ideally, it would be best if you can avoid snapping blurry photos in the first place. However as noted previously that may not always be possible, which is why you should also know how to edit and fix them.

5 Ways to Sharpen Blurry Photos


If you want to fix blurry photos, the best option is to ‘sharpen’ them. But the way in which you sharpen your photos can make a world of difference.

In PhotoWorks you’ll be able to use 5 different tricks to sharpen a blurry image and fix them far more effectively:

1. Use the Sharpness tool to make out-of-focus photos less blurry

If your photo is not in focus and is generally a bit blurry, the Sharpness tool in PhotoWorks should get the job done. The Sharpness tab can be found in the Enhancement section, and you can adjust its amount, radius and threshold.

2. Adjust the Clarity setting to improve the definition of photos

The Clarity setting in PhotoWorks can be found under the Main tab of the Enhancement section. By adjusting it you’ll be able to increase the contrast of the mid-tones, effectively bringing out more details and making the definition better.

3. Use the Adjustment Brush to sharpen specific objects

If a small part of your photo is blurred, you could use the Adjustment Brush to sharpen that specific object. The tool itself is under PhotoWorks’ Retouch section, and once you select it you can open the Sharpness tab to set it up. Afterward, all you need to do is paint over the object to sharpen it.

4. Use the Graduated Filter to sharpen a region

The Graduated Filter will let you select and sharpen a region of your photo. It can be selected in the Retouch tab, and you can then create a rectangular selection with your cursor. To improve the sharpness you should open the Sharpness tab and adjust the settings.

5. Apply a Radial Filter to sharpen an area

If you want to sharpen an area within an elliptical selection using PhotoWorks, the Radial Filter is your best bet. Just select it under the Retouch tab and create an elliptical selection before you adjust the settings in the Sharpness tab.

See how easy it is to use the features in PhotoWorks to sharpen your photos and restore parts of your photo that may be blurry? Each of the tricks will let you sharpen your photo in a slightly different way, and all you need to do is decide which fits your photo best.

The results of sharpening photos to fix them can vary, but it will at very least give you a shot at fixing your photo. The more that you experiment and try sharpening your photos, the better you’ll be able to judge the best option to use in any given situation.

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