8 Ways To Photograph Fire Wisely


Fire is a fascinating phenomenon that many amateurs would like to capture in their pictures. Fire photography is interesting and difficult at the same time because the fire is unpredictable: it can suddenly flare up, or it can suddenly go out. What do you need to do to make flame images beautiful?

tips to photograph fire

Recently, there has been a trend of taking photos of burning books. Do you find it interesting as well? Well, then, after struggling with your 40-page research paper and compiling all the authors which help me write my annotated bibliography, burn them and get the most beautiful and trendy photos. Of course, after getting your A-level.

Various natural phenomena can be magnificent. As a rule, many of them are able to attract artists and photographers who try to capture the moments they like. Pictures with fire look bright and spectacular. In such photographs, the master must quickly and correctly catch the frozen moments of movement of the flames. Photographing plastic and mobile fire is not difficult at all. To make a photo beautiful and of high quality, you should follow certain rules of such photography.


1. The first advice is to make sure it is safe since improper handling can not only spoil the camera and the details but also lead to more serious consequences. Shooting fire should be carefully planned.

2. Select the right camera. You do not have to be professional. With the help of a conventional camera, you can make pretty high-quality photos. The movement of fire is unpredictable. Therefore, in advance, set yourself up to do more than one take, but several, from which you can later select the most successful frames.

3. Shooting fire does not require any special equipment. Cool fire pictures can be obtained using an ordinary camera. The main thing is to plan the correct settings. To do this, disable the Auto ISO mode and set the minimum ISO value (100-200).


4. Shooting mode should be set to S or M. S mode includes automatic aperture setting and self-adjustment of camera shutter speed. It is possible to correct the exposure using the “Exposure Correction” button. M mode offers a manual selection of shutter speed and aperture. The angle and distance of the photo should be selected depending on what you need to take a picture of.

These can be moving lights in the hands of dancers during a fire show or an ordinary bonfire. Before you start shooting, carefully observe how the fire that you are going to photograph now behaves. After observing this for some time, adjust your hardware. Automatic sensitivity (ISO) at the same time must be turned off, after which its minimum value should be set in manual mode.


5. To take the most successful snapshot of frozen fire, make the shutter speed necessarily short (for example, 1/350). Set the aperture to f / 5. Such values are quite easy to set even on the cheapest digital camera.

6. To “freeze” the fire photos, use the following parameters: short shutter speed (1/350), f / 5 aperture. To give the opposite effect - “live” fire, you need to increase the shutter speed to 2-3 seconds. In this case, the camera should be fixed on a tripod.


7. A photograph of a “quiet” effect is obtained with short shutter speed and an average aperture value. The focus should be directed inside the flame, not at the fire.

8. Imagine that you need to photograph a moving fire (for example, a fire show). At the same time, you want to show the dynamics of fire on the photographs. To do this, set the shutter speed in 2-3 seconds, and be sure to fix the camera on a tripod so that it could not move during the photographing period. Take lots of shots! Subsequently, you can choose the most successful photographs for the collection.

Professionals recommend that for the effect of moving it is necessary to increase the shutter speed and turn off the flash and install the camera on a tripod. You can also use the burst mode.


If the fire is used as a source of light, then in this case, when shooting, the shutter speed is made longer, the aperture value is expanded, and the ISO value is increased. Because of the wide aperture, the depth of field decreases, therefore, when shooting, objects with outlined contrasting edges are emphasized, and the main objects recede into the background. Thus, the light touches clear edges, softening the shadows of the subjects.

If you photograph the fire correctly, then you will get very bright and great images. The main thing is to decide on what will be in the picture: moving and live fire or calm flames.