10 Tips For Improving Your Food Photography


Some people take an interest in photography as a hobby while others do it as a profession. What matters most is the passion you have for what you do. In fact, you might be new at this kind of thing, but you can excel in it. Remember, the best photographers in the world were novices at one time. Food photography is particularly interesting. Here are 10 tips for improving your food photography.

tips for improving food photography

1. The Desire for Success Is Critical

You cannot excel in something unless you want to be the best at it. Similarly, you cannot be a great photographer unless the desire for success burns inside of you. In other words, a good picture is not enough. Instead, it has to be awesome. Your photography skills will improve if you have the passion for this job. 

Breakfast set. Freshly baked croissants with strawberry, mint leaves and cup of coffee on wooden..., автор — Anna Ivanova на 500px.com

Pavlova, автор — Natasha Breen на 500px.com

2. A Good Camera Is Essential

Phones can take good pictures that can create a buzz on social media. However, can those pictures capture the imagination of an entire city? That is not possible because the quality of the camera is not excellent. Invest in a DSLR camera. This device allows you to see what your lens is seeing. An advanced one can take good shots in both dim and bright light. 

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3. Reading Is the Way to Go

Many food photographers have come before you. Some of them understand your challenges because they have overcome them. Seek their wisdom through the books they write. For example, you should read books on how to use cameras optimally. You can learn that and more from reading books. 

Summer Berry Waffles, автор — MARJA SCHWARTZ на 500px.com

Waffles with berry fruits and whipped cream, автор — shaiith на 500px.com

4. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Have you ever wondered why the best photos have natural lighting? Natural light is consistent unlike studio lights, which run on batteries or electrical power. It bounces off objects in a soft way giving your photos a relaxed and airy feeling. You also get to focus on the shoot as opposed to concentrating on studio lights. Avoid taking pictures at night as much as it is possible for you to do so. 

Sweet Breakfast, автор — shaiith на 500px.com

5. Learn From Websites that Focus On Food Photography

Learning is a continuous process that takes place throughout your life. The same goes for your career especially if you are into food photography. Sites such as Healthy Aperture, Tastespotting, and Foodgawker give you an idea of what you should do. For example, what kind of props should you use for a particular shoot? What background matches the foods you are photographing? Visit these websites often so that you can get ideas on these and other aspects of food photography. 

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Green vegetable cream soup, автор — Alena Haurylik на 500px.com

6. Food Props Are Useful

No one likes seeing the same thing repeatedly. Spicing up your photos with food props prevents them from being too monotonous. Position them strategically so that they complement the setting rather than drawing focus away from the food. 

Traditional homemade cottage cheese, автор — Jevgeni Proshin на 500px.com

7. Choose the Right Angles

You have to consider a few things before taking a photo. For example, what is the focus of your shot? Is there a problem with the lighting? Is the picture showing the part of the food or the whole of it? Only after you answer these questions can you choose the perfect angle for the shot. Side lit photography is the best angle for novices. Taking backlit pictures is difficult for a beginner.

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chocolate cupcake with blueberries, автор — crazy cake на 500px.com

8. Take As Many Pictures as Possible

Getting it right the first time is difficult. Instead, you have to keep practicing for you to get it right. That means you have to take as many pictures of a particular scene as possible for you to get the perfect one. What matters most is that one of them will match the quality you desire. 

Raspberry pie, автор — Coralie Daudin на 500px.com

9. Use Editing Software

Experts in photography estimate that 90% of food bloggers use editing software. For example, some use Lightroom while others use Photoshop. The best thing about Lightroom is that it helps you fine-tune your photo’s saturation or lighting and of course you can try our Food Photography Lightroom presets for the best results. Doing so results in an accurate representation of the food you are photographing. In other words, this type of editing increases the realistic appeal of your photos. 

DSC_3247.JPG, автор — Anna  Diana на 500px.com

Mango and Raspberry desserts, автор — Christian Fischer на 500px.com

10. Do Not Lose Heart

The Romans did not build their empire in a day. It took time, money, and resources for them to achieve what they did. The same principle applies to you. You cannot succeed instantaneously. Instead, success will take time and a lot of hard work. Additionally, you will spend money on lighting systems, cameras, and studio time. In the end, it is all worth your while because you will be a great photographer.

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