How Best to Process your Photos in Photoshop for Prom Album


Taking photos is the best way to keep memories, especially after a special occasion like your prom night. But sometimes you need to add that little something that can make them look unique.


Some people like to fix the flaws, so their photos are perfect, while others like to add some fun effects. They could be related to funny situations encountered throughout the academic year or crazy things that happened on this special night.

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Cool Photoshop Ideas

Here are a few tips that beginners can use to learn about how to edit photos in Photoshop:

1. Crop Photos

crop your image

During prom night, people are busy dancing and singing so they won’t be focusing much on taking flawless pictures. But you have a powerful tool that you can use in your hands. After taking some good photos, check them out and crop all unnecessary elements in each image.

Some photos contain distracting or inappropriate elements that you don’t want to include in your photo album. This gives your image more character and a better effect. This stage is the same as editing that all students follow in essay writing UK. Removing mistakes from your essay is not of less importance than removing them from your pictures.

2.  Adjust Brightness

exposure in photoshop

The wrong brightness will wash out colors or features. A very bright or dark image is not what you need. Adjusting brightness gives a photo more details, makes features more prominent and shows colors and shadows correctly in every image.

Moving the adjustment sliders is straightforward, so it’s easy for beginners to find the right brightness and exposure that suit their images. It’s a matter of trial and error. It also depends on personal taste, so keep on experimenting until you get it right.

If you feel that you can’t get your image right, you can always hire a professional to edit your pictures. Just like hiring reputable custom essay writing companies, professionals know all necessary tweaks that make your images excellent.

3. Adjust Colors

color balance in photoshop

Sometimes, your camera might be the reason why your images don’t look as perfect as you need them to be for your photo album. If you are unable to adjust the white balance on your camera, you can always, as a professional photographer or someone who knows how to handle this equipment, fix it for you before an important occasion.

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Using the wrong white balance will affect the saturation of images, so it’s crucial to fix it beforehand. If you couldn’t, you can fix the hues after taking the picture using the tools of Photoshop. For example, you can get rid of unwanted tinges, make the image paler or more saturated, depending on your taste.

You can even select one color and change all the others, adjust shadows or highlights only. The choices are unlimited, and you’ll end up with a custom photo that everyone will admire.

4. Eliminate Unwanted Elements

You can increase the quality of a photo by removing some elements that make it look unclean or less perfect. Dust particles that gather on the camera’s sensor will show up in every picture taken. You can even remove stains from clothes or skin imperfections to create the image you’ve always wanted.

Photoshop gives you an exceptional opportunity to create hundreds of pictures just the way you like. Learning how to edit a photo can change your life. Playing with it and trying different tool is actually a fun experience and you might like it so much that you think of studying it in the future.