From Photographer to Videographer - Using Premiere Pro Templates


It’s no secret that video is the most engaging tool on social media at the moment. Whether for marketing or personal purposes, videography is a booming business. If you’re a photographer, you may be looking at expanding your skill set and services to break into this market.

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 With the help of Motion Array’s Premiere Pro templates, you can go from amateur to pro in no time. Read on to learn more about the benefits of learning videography. We’ll look at how adding it to your services can help your business grow, and how to produce high-quality videos almost immediately.

Why Add Video To Your Photography Business?

add video to your photo business

Everybody loves photos. In today’s digital age, though, viewers enjoy something more engaging. Video is just a small step from photography — moving photographs if you will. Here are some great reasons to start introducing video as a service:

It Expands Your Market

The photography market is huge. The niches are almost endless. But there’s no denying that video is becoming the favorite. This is especially true in corporate niches. If you’re making videos, you’ll never be short of work.

Video Marketing is More Effective

We all need to market our business, no matter what business that is. Without getting your face out there, you’re missing out on tons of opportunity. The fact is, videos capture people’s attention more than photos as they tell a story. Being able to create your own marketing videos will give you a boost when it comes to advertising.

How Do You Start Learning Videography?  


Fortunately, transitioning from photography to videography isn’t hard. If you’re already familiar with photo editing software, this won’t be intimidating for you. Your first step to moving into videography should be:

Learn Video Editing Software  

We recommend Adobe Premiere Pro, as it’s straightforward, comprehensive, and one of the best on the market. If you’ve worked in Adobe Photoshop before, you’ll be familiar with Adobe products. You can find many tutorials online, including Motion Array’s Beginner’s Guide.

Learning the basics of editing software is all you’ll need. You’ll be using templates, so there’s no need for anything complicated! There are some important things to learn. Importing pictures and footage is your first step. Understanding how your timeline works, simple color correction, and using transitions are next. 

Start Putting Videos Together

The beauty of videography is that you can start by using still images. You can then progress to video footage when you’re ready. If your camera doesn’t take video or you aren’t sure how to, that’s okay. Put some of your stills together into one file and make a video from them to begin. Once you’re used to things like transitions and effects, you can start using some video footage.

Even videos using still images have surprisingly high engagement statistics. An easy way to begin bringing video into your photography business is to create these types of videos from your photo shoots.

Use Motion Graphics Templates

If you really want to get your video game rocking in a hurry, templates are your best friend. A video template is a pre-created video outline. You can simply drag and drop your footage or photos into it. Usually, a project will come with transitions, text, and music already incorporated. This means all you need to do is add your stuff, and you’ll have a professional-looking file at the end of it all.

Templates come in many forms: some are just titles to add over your video footage while others are simple transitions. The ones you’ll enjoy playing with, though, are motion graphics templates. These are full-on slideshow type templates that cover everything. Drop your photos or video in, and all the technical stuff is done for you! 

There are tons to be downloaded from online Marketplace has a superb range. Browse through them and experiment. Once you get the hang of these, there will be no going back!


dslr video

Making a move from being a photographer to a videographer is not as complicated as it sounds. With the help of video effects templates, you’ll be churning out professional, stylish videos in no time at all.

You can choose to use still images, GoPro footage, DSLR video, or even cellphone footage. Video templates bring it all together to make something amazing. You can use stock video too if you haven’t got your own yet.

 Experiment, and have fun! Try bringing your brand into your videos. Add your logo in, play around with transitions you really like, and mix up texts and titles until you find the right thing for your business.

 Never has it been so easy to break into the professional videography market. With Motion Array’s help, you’ll have all you need to make the transition fun, smooth, and permanent!