Not-To-Be-Missed Lightroom Tips!


As a follow up to our "Did you know these 22 things about Lightroom?”post a few days ago, here are 24 not-to-be-missed Lightroom tips!

  1. Press G to switch to Library/Import module.

  2. Press F to see an image in full screen while in Lightroom.

  3. Press D to switch to Develop module.

  4. Press 0 to remove a star rating.

  5. Press 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to apply the same star rating.

  6. Press 6, 7, 8, or 9 to assign color labels to images.

  7. Press ‘Cmd + Shift + R’ (Mac) or ‘Ctrl + Shift + R’ (Windows) to reset an image.

  8. Press T to hide or view toolbar.

  9. Press  J  to view any clipping.  

  10. Press \ (backslash) to compare before and after of an image.

  11. Press R to quickly crop an image.

  12. To flag an image, press P and U to unflag.

  13. Use cap locks to auto advance.

  14. To import quickly into Lightroom, press 'Cmd + Shift + on Mac or 'Ctrl I' on Windows.

  15. To export into Lightroom press ‘Cmd + Shift + E’ On Mac or ‘Ctrl + Shift + E’ on Windows.

  16. Double-click on any slider to reset it to zero.

  17. You can use Solo mode in the Develop module to focus on one editing panel. Just right-click on editing panel tool and select solo mode.

  18. To change histogram, hover your mouse over it and drag left or right to adjust an image.

  19. Use up or down arrow keys while hovering mouse over any slider to increase or decrease an effect.

  20. To see each edit made, use the History panel on left.

  21. Use the Masking took whenever you're sharpening an image. To see masked areas, press Alt key while moving the masking slider.

  22. To create effective vignettes, work with graduated filters.

  23. Ctrl-C/Cmd-C (Windows) and Ctrl-V/Cmd-V (Mac) can be used for copying and pasting in Lightroom.

  24. Add your logo using the Identity Plate setup.