Did you know these 22 things about Lightroom ?


Lightroom is an exceptionally versatile editing photography editing software tool used by both amateur and pros. Here are some things you might not know about it if you’re not familiar with it. Look for our next blog post in the coming days: Great Tips on Using Lightroom!


1. Lightroom is more than an editing software!

2. It's a tool for organizing, culling, management, and rating images.

3. As a management tool, it can be an image catalog and database.

4. It's ideal for high-volume work and workflow.

5. It's easier to use than Photoshop but can't do everything it does.

6. Lightroom acts as a great complement to Photoshop very well by allowing you to do basic and intermediate-level editing on Lightroom.

7. It keeps a complete history of all changes without modifying originals. This means you don't have to fear losing an original image.

8. You can use Lightroom for creating slideshows, photo books, preview, printing, and web galleries.

9. Lightroom presets mean you can easily automate a repetitive task or style to save you time on your workflow.

10. Presets can recreate every step of post-production to apply enhancements.

11. You can create presets for importing, applying metadata, editing, watermarks, filtering, creating collections, and exporting.

12. You can use virtual copies two export the same image with varying effects or presets to have different versions of the same picture.

13. You can easily export images from Lightroom to an external drive.

14. You can use the Lightroom app to edit on the go.

15. In Lightroom, you can preview and compare groups of images.

16. You can work on a single image and then quickly sync that those edits across a batch of images.

17. You can organize your presets in folders to easily find them each time.

18. Multiple catalogs in Lightroom are possible.

19. You can set your default catalog, and you can use the built-in catalog for its back-up function.

20. You can customize the grid view!

21. The auto-hide feature in panels allows you to increase on-screen real estate to improve viewing.

22. You can edit while in Smart Previews because Lightroom builds smaller versions inside of the catalog so that you can edit while disconnected.