12 Fantastic Travel Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram


A good way to improve your photography is to learn from others. Travel photography is by no means any different.

Travel Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram

It also requires a lot of practice, experience, and patience! You don't have to spend a lot of money on a photography course (although it might be helpful).

You can use the millions of images scattered across social media as a sort of study guide. Instagram provides ample opportunity to both enjoy travel photography as well as study other travel photographers.

Given that there are thousands upon thousands of photographers online, where do you start? Whom should you follow? You can leave it to us! We've curated a list of 12 travel photographers you might want to follow.

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Look up #travelphotography on Instagram and you'll see there are more than 90 million posts! A significant number of those images are by amateur photographers, but there are also many very talented professional photographers. Consider Instagram your virtual, silent classroom.

Luck or chance doesn't typically produce great imagery. The beautiful images by gift photographers are a result of years of determination, effort, likely some sacrifice, and lots of bad photos before being able to create their current work.

You can study their work to see how they set up their composition and angles. Ask yourself:

  • What subjects did they shoot?

  • Why do you think they chose that subject?

  • What draws you to the image?

  • How do they use light and shadow as well as color in their imagery?

  • And, lastly, how does your travel photography compare to theirs?

Remember, that this isn't about being overly critical of yourself or your work and losing hope. It's about studying other people's work to learn and improve! They didn't get there overnight, after all!

Below are some seriously talented photographers to follow.

1. @californiathroughmylens: Josh McNair is behind California Through My Lens travel site with his wife which has more than six-million users.

travel photography 1

2. @coryrichards is a well-traveled photographer whose aim is to change the would by encouraging "intimacy within humanity". You'll find he likes to shoot nature, landscapes, and wildlife.

travel photos

3. @amivitale is a National Geographic photographer with more than one million followers - that alone should be enough to follow her Instagram. Her wildlife images are incredible and it's obvious that she feels very connected to her subjects - be they human or animal!

travel photo

4. @kyrenian has 1.3 million followers and thinks of himself as both an adventurer and entrepreneur. His colourful images have a sense of vibrancy and, yet, somehow also ethereal in nature.

travel photo look

5. @caitmiersphotography has turned her love of travel into her full-time job. (Lucky her!) Her love of the sea is evident in her work.

travel photo instagram

6. @funforlouis has followed 1.3 million followers. The travel photographer and founder of @livetheadventure is also a Vlogger hoping to "inspire change". He recently landed in Columbia on his first group trip.

travel vlogger

7. @alexstrohl his nature-oriented photography, often of remote-looking places, has appeared in numerous prominent magazines such as Vanity Fair and Forbes. His photos are often taken from unique angles. Oh, and he's got 2 million followers!

cool travel photos

8. @lebackpacker is a travel photographer, author, and public speaker. His work is never over-processed. You can watch or listen to his TedTalk.

insta travel photos

9. @mena_shootz This Eypgtian-Californian photographer creates diverse and colourful images from travels around the world. His angle is often unique; check out some of his underwater shots.

travel photo in intagram

10. @wanderreds Alvaro "Wander Reds" is traveling full-time these days, leaving his job to visit every country in the world. He hopes to become the youngest Spaniard to accomplish that feat. He's at 187 out of 197 countries!

insta travel photography

11. @bernabephoto Richard's work is clean-lined and simply beautiful. He's a travel, wildlife, and nature photographer as well as author. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, BBC, and Audubon.

photos from safary

12. @saltinourhair is run by a couple named Hannah and Nick. The travel bloggers are also talented photographers and filmmakers. Check out their blog.

the best travel photographers

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