23 Free Books About Photography


Practice and your own experiments are good. But there is always something to learn from the professionals, and do not neglect it. In this article, you will find a large selection of free e-books about photography.

23 free photo books
  1. Ultimate Field Guide to Photography by National Geographic.

    This book can be a great help for beginners, as it covers the basics of photography - from camera settings to composition and perspective. It will help more experienced photographers to refresh their forgotten knowledge.

  2. Going Candid, Thomas Leuthard. Thomas Leuthard, a street photographer, talks about his many years of experience and approach to street photography. The book is suitable for everyone who is interested in the genre of street photography.

  3. Essays on Inspiration, Vision and Creativity in Photography, Scott Bourne. This book contains articles from photographer Scott Born, his advice and opinions about vision and creativity in photo art.

  4. Insights from Beyond the Lens, Robert Rodriguez Jr. This book is about landscape photography. Starting with which camera is better suited for this type of photo art and ending with tips on how to use the light available to create stunning landscape photos. Robert Rodriguez cites several examples from his experience, inspiring novice photographers.

  5. Good Photos in Bad Light, Darwin Wiggett. How often did poor lighting spoil great photos? After reading this book, this will not happen again. Darwin Wiggett talks about ways to make great photos, even in poor street lighting.

  6. Set Up Your Own Photoblog, Nancy Messiah. To create your photoblog, you need to know a lot - from choosing a hosting to ways to attract readers. In her book, Nancy Messiah reveals in detail all the questions about creating a photoblog: what you need to know, what to do and what to remember.

  7. Street Photography, Alex Coghe. Street photographer Alex Cog created a truly comprehensive guide to street photography. In this book, you will find a description of the approach to street photography and ways to improve your art, as well as tips from Alex’s own practice.

  8. A Photographer’s Guide to Making Sharp Photographs, Scott Bourne. Of course, clarity is not all that is required from a photograph in order to be considered professional and even more ingenious. However, clear photos can make a stronger impression than blurry shots. Scott Bourne talks about how to avoid the blur effect and make photos clearer.

  9. Urban Exploration Photography, Neil Ta. The book tells about the genre of industrial photography and the techniques from the personal experience of photographer Neal Ta, who is passionate about this genre. Read, take a camera and experiment with the abandoned city.

  10. Collecting Souls, Thomas Leuthard. Street photographer Thomas Leuthard tells about different aspects of street photography and how he learned this genre. In this book, you will find many fantastic ideas, plentiful food for thought and the opportunity to improve your street photography skills.

  11. Bicycle Touring Photography, Paul Jeurissen. This book combines cycling and photo art. The author, Paul Garrison, went on a bike tour with his wife, taking photos along the way, so in this book, you will see both - the bike tour and lessons on composition and different techniques of photography.

  12. Introduction to External Flash Photography. This is a very brief flash usage guide. A total of nine pages reveal all the critical points - from using a flash in a room to a reflected flash. Easy and simple language explains how to use the flash on the street and how to achieve the best results.

  13. How to Take Stunning Food Photos. This book tells you how to shoot great food photos, choose the right lighting and composition. It says that for cool photos of food you need to take into account only two factors - a thoughtful composition and a verified exposure.

  14. Explore Flickr, Thomas Leathered. Flickr Explore is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, with the help of it, your photos get a lot of views and comments, on the other - gradually you become dependent on it. Street photographer Thomas Leichhardt, quite famous on Flickr Explore, gives some tips on how to see your photos on these pages.

  15. Lighting 101, Strobist. Here you will find a lot of information about lighting: artificial lighting, a mix of artificial and natural light, equipment, lighting patterns, and more.

  16. Nine Motivational Essays on Photography, Scott Bourne. All photographers periodically lose motivation and do not know where to get inspiration from. Nine motivating essays by photographer Scott Born will help you survive the creative crisis and tell you how to return inspiration.

  17. The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence, Lauren Lim. There are situations in which the photographer feels uncomfortable taking pictures. Lauren Lim tells how to overcome the constraint and always feel confident while working, at meetings or traveling.

  18. Starting a Photography Business. If you want to open your photo business, but have no idea where to start, this book is for you. Professionals talk about different aspects of business in the field of photography, as well as how to better distribute their finances. Everything is written in a simple and accessible language.

  19. Street Faces - Thomas Leathered, Art of Candid Street Portraiture. Street photographer Thomas Leathered prefers to photograph strangers on the street from a very close distance. At the same time, he does not ask permission for the photos to be natural and frank. In this book, the photographer talks about his experience of using this approach and how you can do it yourself.

  20. Photojournalism, Technology and Ethics, Scott Barreled. This book is about ethics in photojournalism and how digital technologies change reality. It contains several rules-axioms that can be used by young photojournalists in their work, as well as a selection of known photographic falsifications of the past and production photos.

  21. 31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography, Eric Kim. Photographer Eric Kim created a street photography guide from 31 days of study. Every day he offers you a new lesson in this area of photography, so in a month you will significantly improve your skills.

  22. Selling Fine Art Photography. If you think that the main thing is to make a cool photo, and it will be easy to sell it, you are very mistaken. In this book, you will find out what problems the photographer faces, who wants to earn money on his creativity, where to start, what you need and do not need to do while selling your work.

  23. Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide. This is a complete guide for those who want to work with Lightroom 5, from installing and importing photos and finishing with editing techniques and full descriptions of features.

    That's all. I hope these books will help you to pump your photography skills in different genres, to start your photoblog or to sell the work successfully.