YouTube Photography Channels You Should be Following


When you're passionate about the work that you do, in this case, photography, it's no surprise that you can never get enough of it. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are excellent resources for learning about what others are doing in your field.

youtube photography chanels

On YouTube, you can follow others and learn a lot from their instructional videos - whether it's about the tools and equipment they use or the techniques they employ. Here are some of the best on Youtube you should be following (there's no shortage, however, of great photographers to follow):


1. Fstoppers

Rather than just one photographer, Fstoppers is a community of photographers. Founded in 2010, there's a strong focus on education, comprehensive reviews, and business tips.


Her channel is ideal for fashion or portrait photographers, and her tutorials include tips on editing, camera basics, and even retouching.


A feast of astounding imagery, his YouTube videos are all about his outdoor adventures and ideal for both landscape and adventure photographers.


These are short tutorials full of useful tips. If you're busy, but still want to devote a few minutes to others' work, you'll want to subscribe to this channel.


This British photographer doesn't post very frequently, but when she does, it's well worth watching. Renown for her fashion, portraits, and beautiful artwork, her videos offer a behind-the-scenes look to her extraordinary body of work which has an almost ethereal or fairy tale aesthetic.


This is a curated collection of the top photographers and leaders in the photography industry. There are a lot of reviews on products and tools as well as educational content.


If you like a behind-the-scenes look at a top Canadian fashion and portrait photographer, this YouTube channel is it. There's also tutorials as well as DIY information. Her focus is on women captured in a creative and inspirational style.


With about 1.2 million subscribers, PHLEARN offers some the best Adobe Photoshop tutorials you will find online. If you want to take your game to the next level, check out this channel.