Seven Tips for Great Smartphone Kid Pics!


Let's face it. Most of us are probably not lugging around our professional cameras on our time off. But, when you have children and want to get some beautiful pictures, what can you do? Pull out your smartphone, of course!

tips for great kid photos

There are several advantages to using a phone rather than hauling out your equipment: children aren't going to be frightened by a phone, and it's faster and easier to get that quick shot.

Here are seven tips for taking great smartphone pictures of kids.

1. Be a kid:

Rule of thumb for creating authentic pictures of children is to be and think like them when you're shooting. That means you need to get down to their eye level and be nimble with whatever equipment you're using to shoot. A smartphone is ideal for this.

kid picture

2. Spontaneity:

Kids are always on the go. Using a smartphone means you can grab for it, open it, and shoot within seconds. You're less likely to miss those spontaneous and candid moments which happen in everyday life and can't necessarily be captured during a studio photo session. Plus, they're less likely to see you taking the picture making the shot all the more candid.

3. Portrait mode:

If you have a later model iPhone, you can shoot in portrait mode which creates a more professional-looking portrait with a short depth of field (blurred background). Focus on their eyes if they're looking into the camera.

kids image

4. Burst Mode:

These little humans are constantly on the go. Your best bet is to shoot on burst mode, especially if they're engaging in something which is clearly active. The burst mode will help you capture a series of those action shots! On most smartphones, you do this by holding your finger down on the shutter button.

5. Plan ahead:

Shooting with a smartphone doesn't mean you don't have to plan or think ahead for your photography. Let's face it. If you're a professional or serious photographer, you're already looking at the world as a photographer, composing shots in your head automatically. Don't stop just because you're "off duty" with your children. If you're planning an excursion, look for those meaningful moments and get your phone out. Thinking ahead to when and where you want to grab a few quick pictures will result in much better pictures!


6. Lighting still matters:

Just because you're shooting with a phone doesn't mean you don't have to consider the light. Consider the direction of the light or sun in relation to the subject and shoot accordingly! As always, early morning sun low on the horizon and late in the day sun low on the horizon are great times to shoot using natural light.

7. Backgrounds:

Don't forget the background when composing a shot. You want the child or children to be the star of the shot so look behind them to consider what's there. You don't need something in the background distracting from your subject. Be ready to move the camera (yourself) or the subject to get a better background!