The Best Photography Apps for Android and iOS


Whip out your phone! There are some apps you should consider downloading if you haven't done so already.  For as much as we use our fabulous camera equipment and editing software, there are times with an app works out very well.

The best photography apps for Android and iOS

Here are several top apps to check out:

Adobe Lightroom:

If you love Adobe Lightroom, you'll also enjoy its app available for Android and iPhones and even iPads. The app is pretty much a mini-version of the real thing, so you'll get the same professional tools, filters, and enhancements. You'll also appreciate the same intuitive interface with its controls. Better yet? It allows for syncing between the desktop version and your phone.  

adobe lightroom cc app


This one is relatively comprehensive in its offerings and beloved by both Android and iPhone users alike. It offers manual and other shooting controls or modes pretty much like any DSLR camera, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and manual and touch focus and exposure - to name a few. But, it doesn't stop there. It also includes some powerful and useful editing tools and filters.

CAMERA PLUS app for devices

Cortex Camera:

If you want to shoot at night, this is the app for you! Cortex combines multiple photos into a high-resolution and noise-free image. You can use professional manual camera settings as well. It's available for both Android and iPhones.

cortex camera for iphone


The eternally popular Snapseed is very user-friendly but still offers comprehensive editing tools (including its fabulous Healing Tool for blemishes) and other features. You'll recognize some of its capabilities as similar to what you can do with Photoshop. You'll be able to make enhancements reasonably fast and, unlike some other apps, there's no subscription needed!

snapseed app for photos


PicsArt lets you play around and have some fun with images including adding text, preset filters, and stickers. Want to create an animated GIF? No problem with PicsArt! If you're into doing some fun and creative things with images, you'll enjoy this app for both IOS and Android.

picsart photoediting app


Probably one of the unique photo editing apps available, you'll be able to combine your images (and videos) with famous paintings. You'll be able to then share the results with other users directly from the app. The app itself is always pushing out new presets based on people's interests. Prisma is more of a fun app rather than a professional editing tool.

prisma app for edit photography


Another top-rated photo editing app is VSCO for both iPhone and Android devices. Not only can you make some pretty advanced edits and apply filter presets, but you can also publicize your work on its site while enjoying other curated content from users.

So, if you're confused about selecting an app (there are so many choices, after all), here are some tips on what to look for:

1. Think about what you need or are looking for in an app. Do you need a fun app or a more professional quality editing tool?

2. What editing features do you need? If you're looking to get some serious editing done, then you should look for an app with comprehensive editing tools  - a mini-version of what you have on your desktop.

3. Syncing can make life so much easier when working with a mobile app and your desktop. Take a look at what an app offers concerning importing or export your work.

4. If an app is complicated to learn and even more complicated to use, you probably won't benefit from its use. A good photo editing app needs to be user-friendly and relatively intuitive.  If it's a mobile version of the desktop software, it shouldn't venture too far from the original's tools or features. Otherwise, you'll be investing time learning how to use it.

5. How does the app let you share onto social media accounts? The easier, the better so you don't waste time fumbling across various platforms.

vsco photo editing app