Smartphone vs Digital Camera. Which is better for you?


In the era of smartphones, it’s difficult for some people to imagine the need for digital cameras. The ease of using a smartphone combined with its multi-functionality make them an especially handy tool. Does that mean that they will replace digital cameras altogether?  Not likely!

smarphone vs dslr

The smartphone combines several nifty gadgets into one body. Rather than carrying a digital camera, cell phone, GPS, and laptop (for internet searches), you can carry a single smartphone which can do all that. 

By comparison, a digital camera only shoots pictures. Replacing it with the highly-versatile smartphone seems to make a lot of sense. However, it might not be a good option for serious or professional photographers.

Smartphone vs Digital Camera:

While the quality of smartphone pictures has improved significantly in recent years, digital cameras still vastly outperform camera phones. If the quality of the image matters, then a digital camera is the way to go. If you want to be able to do more and do better in post-production, then, again, the digital camera works best.

A digital camera is strictly for shooting photographs, while the smartphone can do numerous useful (and sometimes necessary) things, including making calls, texting, shooting video, taking pictures, checking email, and surfing the Internet. But, as we've said, quantity doesn't always equal quality!  If you want high-quality photographs, then the digital camera is the better tool. While the phone is easier to use as a camera, the digital camera is without question the better photographer of the two! 

Why Digital Might Be Better For You:

Everything about the picture quality of a digital camera far exceeds what even the best of smartphones will produce. Resolution, clarity, and even color will be better. 

Another advantage you'll have with a digital camera is the ability to save RAW files for more sophisticated edits during the post-production process. You can do that with a smartphone.   

Lastly, for all the tools which come packaged into a smartphone, nothing compares to the equipment you can use with a digital camera, namely the lenses. You can shoot hundreds of yards away with a digital camera, but not with a smartphone. 

If you want to pack light and aren't concerned about the quality of your images, then you can rely on your smartphone for your photography. If, however, quality does matter, you'll want to bring a digital camera along with that smartphone of yours.