Lightroom’s Quick Collection


There are several ways to sort your photos into the collection, but the best way is making use of Adobe Lightroom. We will discuss the best ways on how you can perfectly organize your pictures/photos either in collections, collection sets or smart collection.

quick collection in lightroom

What is a quick collection?

A quick collection is like a folder. If you want to grab photos from other folders in the Lightroom catalog and put them together, you need to have a quick collection folder where you will paste these photos. A quick collection is a temporary and easy to access location. It should be a very convenient location where you can quickly add photos that you will export, print, and share or even create another collection from. You can simply put images into quick collection folder by just drag-dropping photos.

Why should you use the quick collection?

Below are 3 ways on how you can use quick collection

  • You can use quick collection to group or bring together photos that you’ll use in an article or blog post
  • It is the best way to temporarily store photos that you will use later on. You may need to share photos online or export
  • It is a perfect way to set aside some photos that you will be uploading to your online portfolios

As we have seen, a quick collection is a place where you store your photos temporarily so that you can share, print, or export. You can also use a quick collection to permanently save some photos, but the main purpose is to quickly save photos you’re planning to use later.

quick collection in lightroom

A target collection

You may wonder what a target collection is, but we will define exactly what it is. A target collection is where you set to be adding photos. This means you’re targeting or have a specific place for photos. In this case, the quick collection is set by default to be your target collection.

You will have to agree that the application is one of the best when it comes to organizing and editing your photos. There are other similar applications in the market but none of them can be as effective as the Adobe Lightroom.

The application is quite addictive and once you start using it, you become completely hooked up and cannot get enough of it. The features are interesting that you will hardly notice time going by. You can use the application for business purposes or even create your own photo album.