Nine Photoshop tools ideal for Bloggers


Oh, the things you can do for your blog with Photoshop’s many tools! If you need to refine your images and take them to the next level of excellence, Photoshop’s tools can do that. It won’t necessarily rescue a poor image beyond salvaging, but it can take a good picture and make it great. 

photoshop tools

The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of time refining, designing, creating, editing or even adjusting your images for your blog. Photoshop’s shortcuts can save you precious time. With too many tools to cover in one blog post, we have chosen eight useful ones sure to make your blogging easier. The tools' shortcuts are in listed parenthesis.  

1) Background Eraser (E): Don’t like your background? No problem. The background eraser works similar to a regular eraser took but slower which makes it ideal for eliminating specific backgrounds. 

2) Crop (C): Its name says it all. Need to crop anything? This is your go-to tool and can be enormously useful when trying to fit images into specific design constraints.

3) Move (V): The move tool is another frequently used one. To move anything around, merely click V! Once you do, you can use your arrow buttons to move things around!

4) Paint Bucket/Gradient Tool (G): These two share a shortcut, but they're equally helpful for blogging. The paint bucket fills an area based on color similarity. Just click on the image, and it will fill an area around the pixel you clicked.

5) Eyedropper (I): If you’d like to take color in an image further, you can use the eyedropper. It helps with the color selection because it will tell you the exact hex color code. 
6) Spot Healing (J): If you want to correct imperfections or blemishes in the image, the spot healing tool gets it done. It’s a very versatile tool! 

 7) Magic Erase (E): You can make large areas disappear in an image with this tool. It works well with the Magic Wand.

8) Magic Wand (W): A perennial favorite with bloggers, it allows you to simultaneously select all similar areas whether in a graphic or an image. For example, you want to change the sky in a landscape picture? Click on the sky with the Magic Wand, and you’ll be able to edit just that area.

9) Color Balance (B): If you need to adjust the color balance, this is a good tool for it. Whether you want to warm up or cool down the image, you can do it with your color balance tool.