Newborn Photography Guide: Tips for the Perfect Shoot


When it comes to taking photos of newborn babies, it becomes a difficult task for most photographers because newborn baby photography is not as same as any other subjects for photography.

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There are a lot of newborn photography tips out there which is why it's hard to know what really works. This can be a difficult subject to photograph because an infant can't really be told what to do. Take this advice into account to get an idea of how this can go well.

There are a few types of photography that can be done with a newborn. The most common are the posed style along with the lifestyle shots. It's important that the session is prepared for properly because forgetting something could throw everything off. A checklist of common items should be put together, from the lighting equipment to any kind of prop that will be used for the session. Packing the night before the shoot is a great idea since it's simple to forget something when it's time to rush and get out the door to be there by the appointed time.

Processed with "Nice Look" preset from our  Newborn Lightroom Presets  Collection

Processed with "Nice Look" preset from our Newborn Lightroom Presets Collection

One of the most crucial and overlooked areas when it comes to taking pictures of an infant would be the fact that babies do get startled easily by sounds. That means the camera's shutter is going to cause a lot of distress if it's not covered up somehow. Some people enjoy bringing in some soothing music with little speakers to put near the infant. Others prefer white noise because that's just as effective at blocking out sounds. There are a lot of nice nature sounds that may work as well, but they need to include soothing sounds and nothing like thunder or something sudden that would shock a newborn.

A good photographer needs to be ready for the perfect moment to get the shot they need. It's not a good idea to try and force the subject to pose since that's not something a child of that age would understand anyways. Instead, just focus on the natural movements and what makes the infant look natural. While the parents may want a yawn or a certain pose to have a picture of, they need to be told that it could take a lot of time and a few sessions. It's never going to go perfectly, and that's the beauty of this kind of photography when a great shot does come out of it.

Processed with "Color Shoot" preset from our Newborn Collection

Processed with "Color Shoot" preset from our Newborn Collection

A photographer shouldn't bring every single prop they have to a shoot. This just causes unneeded stress and makes it take longer to get set up. The client should have an idea of what they want, and the appropriate things should be taken only. The best way to get an idea of what the parent needs would be to have a meeting with them to get their approval about where the session needs to go and what kind of special props they may wish to add to it like a special blanket or toy.

When it comes down to it, the above newborn photography tips are going to help anyone that's having a hard time trying to get an infant to be photographed properly. It's going to take a lot of patience, but it will pay off when you turn out beautiful pictures of different babies.

Processed with "Matte2" preset from our Newborn Collection for Lightroom and Photoshop

Processed with "Matte2" preset from our Newborn Collection for Lightroom and Photoshop

Patience is the key for capturing newborn photographs. It has been observed that some of the babies are calm by nature while others are very alert and mischievous. Thus, you need to be patient while continuing a session of newborn photography. Wait patiently until they fall asleep or the instant when they are happy or calm. Sometimes it may take hours when capturing the family photographs as long as the baby is awake.

Try capturing the newborn babies in their homes. This will make every backdrop meaningful in the images. Another great advantage of taking photos of newborns in their home is due to the fact that every photo session will be beautiful and unique as every house is different from the other. It is better to make the newborn photography within the first 10 days of their birth. This is because at this time the babies are mostly asleep and can handle movement and noises more conveniently. The session will be smoother if the baby remains calm.

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