5 Free Photo Editing Tools to Make Photographs More Real


Are you looking to get into the world of photo editing but still reluctant to invest hundreds of dollars into an expensive tool? Thankfully, there are a variety of free photo editing software options that you can use.

photo editing tools

Although some are free others, provide you with a free trial and a paid version thereafter. From the time we wake up to the time we drift asleep our eyes are inundated with digital photos. While individuals use photos to capture some special moments in their lives, businesses use them as marketing tools.

Product photography is an investment every e-commerce website owner wouldn’t hesitate in making however it can become very expensive if considered editing using tools. 3d rendering software is an alternative to such investments, and you can get the same quality as a skilled photographer. The 3d rendering feature makes the product images interactive and highly appealing to the customers.

And just in case you are a graphic designer yourself or photography is a passion to you, here are the top 5 photo editing tools that can make photo editing a fun task.


gimp software

If you love Photoshop, then you’ll definitely love the GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is an open- source application that depends on volunteer developers to update and maintain it. Because of this, it comes with a current set of touch up and professional level editing tools. It’s, therefore, a great tool to use for black and white conversion. It also offers an in-depth tutorial to changing your color images to black and white together with a tutorial for basic color curves, layer masks and much more. If you are a designer looking to add some extra edge to your posts, then consider using this tool.

2. Pixlr Editor

online pixlr editor

Besides being free, Pixlr is also one photo editor that works on both IOS and Android and also comes with several cool features. One unique feature about it is that with each edit, you can press your finger on before button to check out what the image looked like just before you applied the effect. Besides supporting multiple file formats and producing 3d product images, it also contains a ton of editing tools including pre-built filters, overlays and a wide range of other effects.

3. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is a great photo editing tool for any amateur photographer who wants to make some quick adjustments to his images. Apart from adding popular effects such as sepia and enhancing portraits with tools like Wrinkle Remover, Smooth, Teeth Whitening, and Blemish Fix, PicMonkey also allows you to add your own stickers, logos, and graphics. You can even base seasonal campaigns or sales on images so that customers get that excitement whenever they see a familiar backdrop. If you are not a professional photo editor but still wants to make some small high-quality tweaks to your social media posts, then it’s one of the best options.

4. Snapseed

snapseed app

Unlike others, Snapseed is a free photo editor app from Google. Although at first glance it may look simple it contains more editing tools. It works well for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Instead of using a scroll tool to decrease or increase the strength or intensity of the effects, this app allows you to slide your finger to the right or left of the screen to view the changes in real time. It also comes with a video edit option that lets you see a list of all the edits that you’ve made since the beginning. Plus, it’s a wonderful tool for applying text and frames to a photo.

5. PhotoScape X

photoscaphe software for photo editing

If you are still new to photo editing, then this great tool will allow you to create GIFs and add an extra flair to your feeds. Apart from photo editing, PhotoScape is also good for creating animated GIFs and slideshows. In fact, many food businesses use GIFs creatively to whet their followers’ appetite. It can quickly highlight the process of creation and improve the likelihood that viewers will find it attractive.



Whether you are an individual or business, images and videos are the best way to grab the user attention. Are you having a trade show? Your display banner needs to be appealing to drive the audience. So, we are all aware of the importance of pictures and how you can use a tool or a combination of a few tools together to edit your photos.

There are tons of free tools online that can help you create a design that you want within a fraction of the time without a need to learn graphic design skills. The above tools have incredible features.