Instagram Travel Photography Tips for Students


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Instagram Travel Photography Tips for Students

Being a student does not forbid spending vacations in foreign countries or destinations. And on such journeys, you may desire to capture your memories so later you could easily reminisce on them and write a cultural identity essay or have something to flood your Instagram page with.

This subject of travel photography is among the cultural identity essay examples that you may be asked to write in your college essay. Of course, my cultural identity may be different from yours and yours from others, but everyone has examples of things in their culture to showcase to the world.

But how exactly do you make your traveling memorable via photo taking? Well, this is the process that you are about to read. You do not necessarily have to be a photographer to have nice holiday shots that you can treat your friends with on your social media platforms. We have a few Instagram photography tips that can help you to capture those exciting moments like a pro. Journey along in this free Instagram photo tips born out of research to find them out.

1. Don't Overpack Things

mobile camera in vacation

A student vacation journey does not demand too many things as such. Just after you are sure you have all the essential traveling documents and a few clothing materials, your camera (if you have one) is the next thing to grab.

Don't worry if you've got no camera; your mobile device can equally get the task done. When you pack only a few and important things, you are more flexible to take as my shots as you wish in to. However, with lots of luggage, you can run afoul of airplane minimum allowed weight and find yourself running to patch things up.

2. Bright Lighting

bright places for good photos

Great pictures are those taken in a brightly-lighted place. This often surfaces in many cultural identity essay topics you find out there. Even when printed on paper, they look great. Although phones and tablets often come with pre-built flash, you should not rely on it, as it does not guarantee a good shot.

So, if you know, a scene is very important, and you want to capture it so that in the early hours of the day to get the right sharpness and quality. If you must take a picture in the dark, identify the appropriate angle you can stay so as to get the most lighted image. The greater the lighting, the better the image.

3. Use the Zoom Button Sparingly

zoom in camera

For a clearer capture, you may be tempted to want to zoom with your camera's features. However, this may result in a poor-quality of your Instagram photography. There are several examples of zoomed pictures taken with a camera that ended up not being okay.

Rather than staying on the spot and tweaking your camera setting, get moving. Let your legs move and draw nearer to the image wish to capture. This tip is highly essential if you are taking the pix with a low-end phone camera.

4. Try Different Angles

better image

Sometimes, the difference between two images taken with the same device and at the same times is the angle they have been shot. For every memory in your holiday journey, take the shots from at least five different angles.

Look at the image from the top, down, both sides, and the rear to capture the entire view of it. This is the way to get the all-round view of your image. You will want to do this if you are capturing a large park or monument that you cannot capture in one shot.

5. Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds on your photo

This rule carries the third position as its name, but it is actually among the first rules of Instagram Travel Photography. This has to be included in the cultural identity essay written on this subject.

Normally, when focusing on an object, the idea is to centralize and make the image occupy a squared-space on the camera. However, you may deviate from this convention and target the image a third away from the center. This ensures that asides the object you are targeting, you can capture the environment with it as well, which would deliver more beauty to the image.

6. Keep the Camera Close to You

take you camera

Of course, this applies if you are taking your pictures with a camera. It has to be very close to your eyes so that you can focus well, and so that your hands do not shake while you are taking the shots.

With a mobile camera, you are free to take it away from your eyes a bit, but you must ensure that your hands are stable while taking the shots, otherwise, the image will be blurred. You can get yourself a tripod stand if you have any of the high-end professional cameras for better stability and focus.

Photography is a real business and taking a shot while on a break requires some tips, especially for a newbie. When you take different samples of Instagram photos, you can easily discover a diverse range of qualities and styles. It is because of different adherents to the rules of photography.

With most mobile phones having reasonably good camera resolutions these days, students no longer need to spend their pockets dry to get expensive cameras. Once they follow the basic rules put forward here, they can easily get nice holiday shots that can be used as Instagram travel Photography.