10 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers


We reviewed hundreds of great wedding photographers across the word in our search for some of the best wedding photographers to recommend to our readers. In our review, we were focused on finding the most popular wedding photos, based on reputation, attention to detail and the quality and creativity of the shots. Scroll through our list of 10 of the best wedding photographers for inspiration.

10 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers from @BeArtPresets



Elizabeth is one of the most adorable artists in the world. She is happily married with three children. Elizabeth has spent most of life with a camera trying capture and create images of the most amazing moments in life. She has created great photographs which have made cover pages for numerous magazines. Elizabeth continues her journey of photography all over the world.


2. Carey Nash

Despite not knowing what he wanted to be when he was a child the Edmonton based photographer has traveled to amazing destinations in this planet. The most defining moments of his career was the journey through Burma and India in 2002.He traveled alongside Vincent Bousserezz and Morten Germund. Carey Nash is so talented that he was recognized in an international National Geographic competition.


3. Jordan Voth

Jordan Voth is 26 years old wedding photographer residing in Seattle, Washington. Growing up in Seattle inspired Jordan into the adventure of photography. He enjoys doing photography and has done shooting for 5 years. This journey of photography for Jordan has been very amazing and thrilling.


4. Christian Oth

Christian Oth is an established experience photojournalist, portraiture and a wedding photographer. He created his namesake studio in 2005,he started off with a space in Chelsea Seventh Avenue. It was back in 2002 when Christian decided to focus his energy to wedding photography. Christian discovered his passion when he was growing up in South Africa but it wasn't until he came to New York where he met the true photography.


5. Tec Petaja

Tec Petaja received a 35mm film camera as a gift from his parents but he could not light up the art of photography. It was an excursion trough Nepal and India that made his discover his passion for photography. After that experience he has traveled the world from every shore on the island of Nevis to basalt columns of Vik. He has the ability to capture the originality and beauty of his subject makes a him a hot cake photographer sought after by many couples.


6. Marco Costa

Marco is a Sao Paulo based photographer who gave in to his passion for photography ten years ago. Marco was later joined by his wife Carol to the business of wedding photography. They have been able to make the art of photography as their way of living.

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7. Heather Waraksa

Heather began her career in 1998 by then she was able to do professional shooting and later in 2003 she was embarked on documenting weddings. She is based in Brooklyn but her work has traveled the world. She loved photography as a child she used to play dress up with her friends. She enrolled for photography and film and later received a BFA from VCU. Her work has been published in several magazines like Vogue and Brides Magazine. In 2009 American Photo Magazine named as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in the world.


8. Ricky&Shelley

Ricky and Shelly found themselves dedicated to wedding photography for the last 8 years together. There is nothing else they could as perfect as wedding photography. Wedding photography was truly meant for them.


9. 2 Brides Photographers

Isabelle and Emmi Sabina are Stockholm based photographers but they have spread their wings all over Sweden, Europe and worldwide. The duo is talented in telling the wedding story with a sublime genius piece of art. They have been able to produce unique and original photos. They have been praised for producing natural photos.

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10. Benj Haisch

Benj Haisch is a Tacoma, WA based wedding photographer. He has been married since 2009 so he enjoys taking shoots of couple. He captures moments that explains what it means to be married. He has traveled the world to on assignments. He also social active on Instagram and other social sites.

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