Features we could see in Fujifilm's X-Pro 3 this fall


A lot of photographers, including us, are excited that Fujifilm is set to release its next version of the X-Pro 2 this fall! The highly anticipated arrival of the X-Pro 3 is expected to take the technology of its beloved predecessor, the Pro-2, to the next tech level.

Fujifilm's X-Pro 3

Fujifilm is known for taking their best camera systems and improving on them significantly, often in unexpected ways. So we aren't expecting to be disappointed by the Pro-3! While it won't be easy to do, there's no doubt the Pro-3 will be an improvement on the already beloved and excellent camera, the Pro-2.

The changes we expect to see should make it a highly desirable camera, whether you're using it for professional purposes or as a hobby photographer.

x-pro-3-MIRRORLES camera

Here are seven features we think we could see once the Pro-3 is introduced:

  • We think Fuji will improve on the already excellent Autofocus features.

  • A touchscreen LCD with better contrast would be another great improvement for when you're shooting outdoors.

  • The X-Pro 3 will probably have many of the best features of Fuji's X-T3, including same quad-core image processing chip.

  • An EVF with better resolution would be a much-needed improvement we'd love to see.

  • We're pretty sure the Pro-3 will have an excellent sensor and image processor given it's following on the heels of the Pro-2.

  • Next, we're hoping Fujifilm improves on its battery performance with the X-Pro 3, along with a larger grip to hold the battery. If there's a weakness to its cameras, this is certainly one we hope to see improved.

  • Lastly, for videographers: giving the Pro-3 the same 4K video capabilities and features as the X-T3, as well as adding IBIS, would be an excellent idea. It would make it a coveted camera for videographers.

It's not easy for a company to take a great camera and make it better. Fujifilm certainly has a knack for doing that, and we don't think they'll disappoint come fall with the introduction of the Pro-3!