The New Fujifilm GFX 50R Arrives in November!


Have you tried Fujifilm's recently introduced GFX 50R? Fujifilm's newest digital medium-format camera sets a low-price entry standard. Let's take a closer look at the new GFX 50R, especially as compared to 50S.

fujifilm gfx 50R

What GFX 50R has in common with the GFX 50S

They have the same sensor, processor, battery, film simulations and viewfinder panel. The combined processor/sensor means the 50R is very responsive and produces some terrific quality images.

fuji camera

But here's where the two cameras differ

The impressive GFX 50R is cheaper at $4500. It also handles very differently than the 50S because it is smaller and lighter: the GFX 50Ris 0.32lb lighter and .98" thinner than the 50S.

fujifilm mirrorless camera

Changes to expect on the GFX 50S

The 50R gets you to Fujifilm's lineup of well-built, smart GF lenses. Because of its range-finder styling, you need a smaller grip than the GFX 50S. That means you're better off using the 50R with two hands. You'll likely be holding the camera in one hand while managing controls with the other - likely your right hand given where the location of the controls.

The GFX 50R comes with AF selection joysticks and a familiar array of buttons and a responsive and accurate touchscreen.

On Bottom: The battery is on the bottom of the camera rather than on the side like the 50S. Also, on the bottom are ports for AC power and USB-C. There's no USB charging, although it supports tethered shooting. It's also compatible with Capture One.

There is no battery grip option or connectors on the GFX 50R.

On Top: Expect the top-plate controls on the GFX 50R to be very similar to the X-E3. The on/off button won't woo any fans, either, given its small size and not particularly easy to reach! The front dial surrounding the shutter button can be configured to serve as an ISO dial because there's no separate ISO dial. The customizable buttons are a bit small and almost flush with the body making it a tad clumsy to find them when looking through the viewfinder.

great fujifilm camera

In summary

The GFX 50R is smaller and costs less than the 50S - so that's a big plus. There are other pluses which make it a very attractive entry into the world digital medium-format cameras. You can expect the camera to be out to consumers this coming November.