8 Reasons why it might be a good time to become a professional photographer


Today professional photography is a good choice to begin a career, and now is the best moment to join this industry as never before.

become a professional photographer

It may be rather boring to read about professional photography and very likely you won't enjoy it very much. In magazines and online media, you may find various views and statements that the "golden time" when you were able to earn much is over and now, working as a cashier at some fast food restaurant, you can earn much more than being a professional photographer. And some of them are true. For sure, there are some problems, some big problems that appear because nowadays more and more ordinary people begin to use digital cameras, and who don't want to spend their money on your professional skills. But it's odd to compare past times with what happens right now. As for today, the chance of getting right into the world of professionals is quite high. And that's why...


1. Education


The fact that you are reading this article means that you already have an opportunity to get access to a big amount of free lessons and recommendations. Earlier you were able to get access to such level of information only at educational centers or buying some costly books and magazines. Although, not all the information that you can find on the Internet is useful, however, you don't need to leave your home to find educational materials of high quality that will help you to improve your photography skills. And if you have some particular amount of money that you are ready to spend, then there is a wide choice of educational seminars and workshops. The information at your disposal can be very illustrative, for example,  video lessons show which settings will work the best, and you just need to watch and learn at your spare time.


2. Equipment

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It seems that nowadays manufacturers release new models every several months, and this has some benefits when previous models of cameras fall in cost faster than ever before.  Because these models are not staffed with a lot of new functions doesn't mean they are worse and can't be used for professional photography. That's why those who make the first steps towards professional photography, can buy a second-hand full-frame camera that will cost only several hundred dollars. And the situation is a little bit different with lenses as their cost remains almost the same if compared to cameras, but here you may also find good offers. Even if you don't have enough money to buy the required equipment, you can rent them at a reasonable price that won't influence your incomes.


3. Software

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Do you still remember how much did it cost to get the Adobe package? Its price was immodestly high, that's why the newbies had to bear with Adobe Elements. In spite of the fact that there are people who don't like Creative Cloud, it couldn’t be denied that all the Adobe applications (including  Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign) are always at hand, besides at rather reasonable subscription costs, and thanks to that newbies can spare significantly  and not spend a pile of money at a time. Special services on the Internet allow transmitting images free and easy; some websites allow transferring money, paid for your work, without problems, what means you should also work faster.


4. Marketing

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In pre internet era the information spread through marketing buzz and sometimes via a private agent. The both of these ways still play a part in a professional career, but it can't be denied that the Internet has changed the situation significantly. In less than an hour, you can adjust your own blog, create a portfolio and download images, show them to the whole world, or advertise yourself via social networks. This means that potentially you have a global reach and your name can become famous around the world; you only need a picture that will become viral.


5. Clients

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Digital era is a hard time for traditional magazines and I know this from my personal experience, as I have been working as an editor at some British photography magazine that was closed after the sales fell sharply and the amount of advertising decreased. But at the same time while some magazines close, others flourish, and new websites constantly open. People still want to consume new information and see new photos, so such situation allows you are contacting editors and show them your works, and perhaps you will receive some honorarium.


6. Protection

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This may be not the best reason to become a professional photographer right now. However, this is important.  Insurance that costs not so many guarantees some protection against misfortunes during the photo session. And it's even more important that nowadays when everyone makes selfies and photos, and streets are full of security cameras, a professional photographer behaves more confident and knows his rights, which will help in some uncomfortable situations. Now you may not be afraid to get into trouble with authorities and be robbed by an accidental robber.


7.  Related jobs

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Nowadays photographer doesn't limit themselves only to taking photos. Today when every camera can shoot high-quality video, it's easier to become a cameraman, then it was before. The main principles of composition and lighting can be applied to shooting video, and the programs to work with video such as Adobe Premiere Pro became more affordable. And your ability to offer a wide number of services to the potential client can be beneficial as for your clients, so for yourself. For example, there is a client, who wants to order photos and video. Providing both services you can expand your opportunities, earn more money and secure future orders.


8. Community

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Communication with like-minded people has never been so easy as today. You can meet at exhibitions, communicate on online-forums, join more official organizations. It's easier to communicate with people who also begin their journey to the industry of professional photography. Now you can earn with your own skills and at the same time continue to develop your professionalism, and being a part of a community is the best way to do so.

Summing up, I want to say that professional photography helps me to make my living, doing what I really like. Thanks to this job I have visited amazing countries and captured incredible shots. For sure there can be some troubles, but it's better to spend the whole day in the field with your camera than sitting the whole day in a stuffy office. Face the challenge, find your niche, use tools, that exist thanks to the digital era. Today is the best time to use them to your advantage.

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