10 tips on how to photograph future parents


Expecting a baby – is one of the most fearful periods in the life of every family. Such moments one would like to keep in mind for years and here photos can help. In this article, we will give several recommendations to photographers, how to photograph future parents to get beautiful shots!


1. What period is the best?

The best time is from 6th to 8th month of pregnancy. Before that time the belly is not rounded enough, and later it is too huge. And it can be not very convenient for a future mom to pose because of her physical state.

2. Idea

It's important to ask future parents which style and mood they prefer. Modern trends offer various looks, so delicate, fragile-looking future mom is not an obligation. Nowadays pregnant women can be as a beauty in an evening dress, so a joyful "rebel" wearing sneakers and a t-shirt. That why it's very important to understand what a couple really wants and what they feel.


3. Clothing

A husband and a wife should follow the same style. If a future mom prefers an evening dress, so a future dad should look accordingly, and shorts and a t-shirt will be a poor choice. Similar clothes ( t-shirts and jeans, for example) or elements of clothes of similar color look really cool. During a photo session one hour long your models can change 2-3 types of clothing.

4. Accessories for a photo session.

The most popular: clothing for a newborn (crawlers, undershirts, baby- shoes); sonogram image; a ribbon on the belly, pink or blue, depending on the gender of a baby; tablets with the name of a newborn, paper garland with the current week or month; soft toys; flowers and balloons.


5. Location

The most convenient choice is a studio, the weather conditions won’t distract you, and you will have a place to change clothes. Besides, it will be easier for a future dad to relax away from prying eyes. Photos made in nature or the city are especially beautiful, but there are some disadvantages: you should find a place to change clothes, and maybe there will be a lot of people around. You can also consider a photo session at home but on condition that a house is spacious and has enough light.

6. Camera and lenses

For this kind of shooting you can choose as full frame cameras, so crop sensor. Lenses — zoom and fixed focal length. For example, I use Nikon D800 with the lens Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED AF-S Nikkor and Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S Nikkor. Photographing close-up portraits and general shots is convenient.

take parents photos

7. Light

You can photograph with both artificial and natural light. But you should remember that it is better to use soft, diffused light. You can get such light using natural outdoor light from windows or with the help of special accessories (softbox, octobox) in the studio. When shooting in nature in summer choose the period before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m,  so the sun will not create rough shadows.

8. Posing

The main “character” of such photo session is a belly. Focus on it, ask your models to put their hands on it, hold it. To maximum relax a couple, ask them not to think about their photo session, just hug each other as they do at home, relax, and enjoy the miracle that happens now in their family. Try to catch the moments when they smile, “shine,” this is the most important in such photo sessions. Make sure to take close-up photos of a belly. You can get nice photos with baby shoes in the foreground, and behind them, blurred using a wide aperture, are placed parents holding each other.

9. Men and photos

Men don’t like to be photographed. As a rule, it’s like that. That’s why if you want to support positive mood during your photo session, let a man have a rest. After several photos with both parents let him go and photograph only a future mom. Then move to a new background and ask a husband to join his wife. Thus, a photo session won’t be too tiresome for a man. 

10. Don’t be silent

A photographer who doesn't speak is an enemy. So, talk to your models, show them where to stand, how to pose, where to look. Give compliments. Try to combine strict posing with a light story where the parents will show all the love they feel at this moment of life.