Annual New Year Housekeeping Tips For Photographers!


The start of a new year is a good time to do some annual photography housekeeping. We’re not talking cleaning; we’re talking things you should do annually as a photographer.

Annual New Year Housekeeping Tips for photographers

Here are four tips for you as we start 2018. We suggest making a habit of revisiting these at the start of each year. 

1. Annual Equipment Check: While it can be tedious, it’s a good idea to set out and go through all of your equipment at least once a year. If you make a habit of doing it every January, you won't forget. Check to see that things are working as they should. Do you need to update or replace anything? (more on that later) How are any rechargeable batteries working? Are there any pieces you no longer need which you could sell or donate? Ebay and Craig’s List are two useful places to check for the values and then list for sale. Also, some camera shops will buy used equipment. Lastly, if you need to buy any new equipment, look for after holiday deals.  

2. Annual Service: While checking your equipment, look for any pieces that need service or professional cleaning. Your slowest season of the year is an ideal time to send things out for servicing. We usually recommend using the original manufacturer for service (check for warranty coverage also). In some cases, there might be a local professional qualified to clean and service parts. Ask other photographers for recommendations.

3. Post-production editing: Although you should always be on the lookout for new tools and presets, January is an excellent time to take stock of what you need to up your photography game.  

4. Plan for the year: The start of a new year is always a good time to strategize looking forward, especially if you make a living from photography. What can you do to be a better photographer and business owner? What professional networking groups do you belong to or online forums to you regularly visit? Do you need to take a small business course? Be honest with yourself about how your business is doing and take the month of January to create a business plan for 2018.